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We’ve all seen a number of webcomics and work by various authors. Some are good, some are bad, and some are hidden gems. But how can you quickly find out which ones are must reads and which can be left for a later date (or avoided altogether?) Much like movies and books, webcomics also have their own critics who assess the quality of their work – art, writing, cohesiveness. Continue reading

Resources: Books for Drawing Comics

Must Read Resource Books for Drawing Comics

For the last few months, I’ve been creating tutorials and giving away valuable information on the creative and organizational processes of drawing comics. This time, instead of a tutorial, I’m going to give you a different type of take-home work. You’re going to do some reading, and trust me – it’s definitely worth it. Continue reading

Book Review: Understanding Comics – The Invisible Art by Scott McCloud

Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud

If you’ve ever read a graphic novel or comic book and wondered why some stories seem to work better than others, or if you’ve wondered how a medium so simple can house such compelling vision, I highly suggest having a read through Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics. Continue reading