Tutorial: Drawing Facial Expressions #2

Facial Expressions Tutorials

Hey folks – we’re back with another set of tutorials at idrawdigital. This week we’re going to show off a number of lessons and instructions on how to develop facial expressions. Check out the links below for some great insights on giving your characters some personality – through the use of facial expressions! Continue reading

Tutorial: Wacom Tablet

How to use WACOM Tablet

Hey folks! I know it’s been awhile, but I’ve been working my tail off over at El Cuervo, maintaining updates there. idrawdigital will still have tutorials on creating comics and digital illustration, and posting links to webcomics and illustration ideas for your enjoyment. This week, I’ve compiled a series of links to some great WACOM tablet tutorials out there. Click on the images to access the links! Continue reading

Tutorial: How Put Together a Webcomic


I get asked this question quite a bit. There are a number of people who already know how to draw and don’t need basic pointers on how to physically draw a comic. They want to know how to get the ideas that are in their heads out there for all of the web to see. This week’s Tutorial Tuesday is going to focus on that. I’m going to show you the quickest way of getting your digital comics put together from planning and ideas right up to uploading to the Internet. I’ll use my own personal webcomicEl Cuervo – as the sample for this tutorial. Continue reading