Artist Spotlight: 10 Comics Blogs to Watch in 2010

10 Comics Blogs to Watch in 2010

As a followup to my webcomics roundup for 2010, here is a list of comics bloggers that you should definitely follow this year. Some of these blogs contain valuable insights and commentary, some provide you with the latest and greatest in the world of comics, and others offer you straight up eye-candy and popular webcomic magic of their own.

Take a look and get acquainted with these blogs! They’ll definitely leave you inspired… Continue reading

Artist Spotlight: Jim Lee


When I was growing up, I recall taking one look at Jim Lee’s style, and aspired to become a comic book artist with his level of efficiency and precision in his artwork. His runs on Marvel Comics X-Men, Image Comics Wild C.A.T.s and DC Comics Batman: Hush are some of his best known works. Have a look at this gallery of Jim Lee’s work throughout his career. Continue reading