Drawing Armor – Reference

From medieval to modern, idrawdigital presents a list-post of various types of armor from a number of fantastic artists. Learn how to draw armor, or simply marvel at the handiwork presented in the images below.

Be sure to check out the individual artist’s pages – click the title of each link to view their work.

Western Armor Sketches from ©Kingston
armor01 armor02

Dragon Armor Sketches ©ForeverZeroDragon
dragon_armor_sketches_by_foreverzerodragon-d2z86xt dragon_weapons_by_foreverzerodragon-d2z8710

Armor Sketches ©Doug N Hung.
20100920_01 20120202_sb02 20120202_sb03

Armor Study ©Geoff Shupe (Chromium Ash)

How to Draw Armor by Shinsengumi77

Power Armor ©rebirthofdougler111
new_medium_class_mobile_suit_by_rebirthofdougler111-d4a9yoj gamma_ray_mobile_suit_by_rebirthofdougler111-d49yp1x neon_knight_white_background_by_rebirthofdougler111-d5ed8b7 two_new_mechs_by_rebirthofdougler111-d4d4l48 two_more_mechs_designs_by_rebirthofdougler111-d4dd8l8 mobile_suit_halifax_by_rebirthofdougler111-d3hcxe7 futuristic_powered_armor_by_rebirthofdougler111-d3hcz86

Enjoy these armor studies and reference sketches. Remember to check out the DeviantArt portfolios and websites of the artists above – they have fantastic work you need to see.

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