Tutorial: Anatomy Studies

Here are a series of sketches featuring various anatomical references which may come in handy when you’re posing your characters. Look closely, you might learn something!

Anatomy Dump by Kakimari

01-tumblr_lwvek9HBsY1r6emybo1_1280 02-tumblr_lwvek9HBsY1r6emybo2_1280 03-tumblr_lwvek9HBsY1r6emybo3_1280 04-tumblr_lwvek9HBsY1r6emybo4_1280 05-tumblr_lwvek9HBsY1r6emybo5_1280

Anatomical Drawings by Jimmy Catanzaro
08-tumblr_mq41ecC6Qz1rtk0hjo1_1280 09-tumblr_mq41ecC6Qz1rtk0hjo2_1280 10-tumblr_mq41ecC6Qz1rtk0hjo3_1280 11-tumblr_mq41ecC6Qz1rtk0hjo4_1280 12-tumblr_mq410y1lUd1rtk0hjo3_1280 13-tumblr_mq410y1lUd1rtk0hjo1_1280 14-tumblr_mq410y1lUd1rtk0hjo4_1280 15-tumblr_mq410y1lUd1rtk0hjo2_1280

Anatomy by AnaMariaMaxam (dollinjune)
06-Anatomic_study_20_by_dollinjune14 07-Anatomic_study_55_by_dollinjune1407-5944d41f9ae459cc42c13f98e431b629

Anatomy by Leonardo daVinci
16-tumblr_ma7w2okZ0K1qd5yv1 17-hand-120508 18-anatomical-studies-of-the-shoulder 19-da-vinci-anatomy-sketches-1

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  1. I have to express my thankfulness toward your thoughtful insight and posts that help me and others further along the artistic path of discovery. You do a great job and your selection of subject material is always interesting.

    Keep up the great work :)

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