Webcomic Roundup: March 2011

Welcome to another edition of the Webcomic Roundup here at idrawdigital. This month’s offering contains some great work from authors like Ramon Perez, Ryan Sohmer and Robyn Seale. Check out some of these amazing stories right now!

Death Boy by Ian Austin and Dan Butcher

Skal vy Jennie Gyllblad

Malden by Peter Hon

Red Light Properties by Dan Goldman

The Watcher of Yaathagggu by Robyn Seale

Kukuburi by Ramon Perez

Butternut Squash by Ramon Perez and Rob Coughler

Gutters by Ryan Sohmer

Grrl Power by David Barrack

Kill All Monsters by May and Copland


In Closing…

There’s your March 2011 serving of webcomics. Apologies for the long lay-off in posts. The work on the noir webcomic El Cuervo has been fairly taxing, so this site has suffered in posting quality. Rest assured that the site will not be going down any time soon. There has been some slight reorganization, but idrawdigital will continue to provide links to great tutorials that apply to digitally drawn comics, and to share some great webcomics out there. In addition, some long lost artist features and character spotlights are going to be posted in the next little while. Keep up to date with idrawdigital via e-mail (click the button at the top left column) and you’ll know when the latest posts have emerged.

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