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We’ve all seen a number of webcomics and work by various authors. Some are good, some are bad, and some are hidden gems. But how can you quickly find out which ones are must reads and which can be left for a later date (or avoided altogether?) Much like movies and books, webcomics also have their own critics who assess the quality of their work – art, writing, cohesiveness. Some of the reviews can be downright childish and scathing, others offer premium insight about the artistic merit of webcomics in general. If you’re wondering about tackling a huge archive of a popular webcomic to see if its the right kind of story for you, have a look at these review sites first and arm yourself with some valuable information.

Webcomic Overlook

Run by El Santo, the Webcomic Overlook has been reviewing and critiquing webcomics since 2007. His no-nonsense approach to reviewing and brutal honesty in his opinions will definitely make you more aware of the good and bad in webcomics. He has reviewed a number of webcomics and keeps adding to his archive each month – there is a rating system and the site is in a blog format with tags, so it is easy to select the one stars up to the five star reviews at any time. Definitely worth checking out.


This site is a webcomics portal where webcomics are listed by genre and style, and users can register to access forums to discuss a number of webcomics related topics. There is a review section which has just been started and continues to grow weekly.

This Week in Webcomics

This Week in Webcomics is a review of outstanding online comics each week – whether interesting, hilarious, well-crafted, or maybe just outstandingly disappointing! New reviews every Friday.

Digital Strips

This is a regular podcast with the Digital Strips team, where notable webcomics are discussed and reviewed along with other webcomics newsworthy items.

Webcomics Asylum

A simple blog by a comic enthusiast that offers webcomics reviews and opinions suited towards the average joe.

The Webcomic Authority

This wiki site houses reviews on which webcomics you should check out and scathing reviews on which ones don’t fit the bill. Judge the opinions for yourself – I wouldn’t dismiss any of the comics on the list, but the negative reviews provide some insights you may have sensed in the weaker webcomics you find online.


There are many other webcomic review sites, and you may also find reviews at webcomics news portals and sites – this list is merely a small offering of the more well known review sites available. If you have a review site your frequent that should be on this list, drop me a line or leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list!

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