Tutorial: Anatomy & Proportions

When you’re starting out and you are not the greatest artist, the quickest way to learn is through practice and following lessons by other artists. This week’s tutorial roundup features a number of anatomy and figure drawing tutorials to help improve your drawing skills. Characters play a large part in webcomics, so you should have a firm grasp of the human figure and how to draw it in numerous poses and situations.

Basic Anime Styled Anatomy and Proportions

This tutorial is a basic primer on developing the building blocks of drawing the human figure. A lot of ideas are covered and will help you understand the mechanics behind the development of dynamic figures.

Introduction to Drawing, Anatomy and Anime Styling

This tutorial is a continuation and an updated and developed version of the previous one. The same items are explored, but are explained further.

Figure Drawing for All Its Worth

This PDF excerpt features a number of pages from Andrew Loomis’ book Figure Drawing for All Its Worth, which contains a number of great techniques and tips for drawing the human figure in proper proportion.I’ve used a few of his references in earlier posts here at idrawdigital. DOWNLOAD HERE

Mike Malaska’s People Drawing Tutorial

Mike Malaska put together this quick and easy tutorial on how to draw forms to build the human shape. It’s not overly detailed, but used in conjunction with the above tutorials, you’ll learn a few new techniques to speed up your process.

The Big Guide to Drawing the Body

Joumana Medlej put together this fantastic guide with a number of great tutorials on drawing different aspects of the body.

Dragon Paint Simple Body Tutorial

Here’s another basic tutorial on setting up poses and how to handle the proportions and perspective drawing.


These tutorials should help you with a few fundamentals you may have forgotten, or show you a few tips you didn’t know about. Keep drawing the human body in numerous poses over and over again. Practice makes perfect! Character development requires some solid understanding of anatomy and proportion – enjoy the tutorials and try out some of the techniques!

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  2. Thank you for the tutorials, i’m learning a lot with them. It’s so difficult to find in google ;D.

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