DOWNLOAD: Action Fonts

Wednesday is here, and that means a download pack for the faithful here at idrawdigital. This week we’re giving away a set of ‘action’ styled fonts for use in sound effects or for your comic book titles!

Damn Noisy Kids from BlamBot!
Within this pack are a number of fonts available from Blambot, your source for comic related fonts, both free and paid specialty. If you like what you see, get over there and purchase one of their licensed fonts now! There’s a HUGE selection of comic book styled fonts for lettering, sound effects and more! Also, they have an entire section dedicated to the craft of lettering for comics!

There are a number of movie inspired fonts as well for titling purposes. Click the link below to download these fonts and make your lettering look more professional!


3 thoughts on “DOWNLOAD: Action Fonts

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  2. My friend and I are working on our own comic book. It has taken us about a year and a half to get to where we are now, we have been posting the comic book on our blog,, we would really appreciate it if you posted a comment with some tip or pointers. Thanks, Ben and Elijah

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