DOWNLOAD: Action Pose Photo Reference Library

Wednesday is here, which means 2 things. The first being ‘hump day’ where we begin to make our descent to the weekend, and secondly – it’s Download day at idrawdigital. This week, I’ve put together a pile of action poses that you can use to add to your current library, or use as a starting point to build your own. All of the photos included are the property of the photographers and stock image corporations, so don’t think you can go around using them for monetary gain. That’s not cool!

Anyway – the files are labeled and there are multiple photos for these types of action. If you want to find more images like the ones included in this pack, check out some stock photography sites like:

Getty Images

or even Google Images will turn up some interesting results.

Here’s a sample of some of the images:


3 thoughts on “DOWNLOAD: Action Pose Photo Reference Library

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  2. Thanks for this! I just happened upon your site while looking for Buddy Scalera’s “Comic Artist’s Photo Reference: Women and Girls.” I gotta say, as far as photo references go for comics, it seems finding people in motion and action poses is nearly impossible sometimes, so I definitely appreciate when somebody takes the time to post a collection of free, useful poses. Would be nice if the pictures could be a bit higher in resolution, but still a far cry from nothing at all, and I know you do what you can when the pictures are free. Thanks!

  3. Yeah – I’d love to have a high res gallery for everyone to take samples from, but I have to do it using watermarked or small unlicensed photos. Maybe if I can hook up with a good photog and some models, I may be able to do some better stuff.

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