DOWNLOAD: Perspective Radial

Here’s a handy little file you can use to assist you in keeping your perspective accurate. When you are drawing scenes that involve angles and vanishing points, this perspective radial file can be dropped into a separate layer in Photoshop, and used as a guide to draw your buildings, lines of sight and objects receding into space.

The file is 20 inches square at 300dpi, and the radial lines are on their own separate layer so you can drag and drop them into your working files.

Try this out the next time you’re drawing digital comics and need help getting your perspective lines and vanishing points down correctly.

idrawdigital perspective radial


Enjoy! STay tuned for more downloads, tutorials, information and resources from idrawdigital!

2 thoughts on “DOWNLOAD: Perspective Radial

  1. Here’s something you might be interested in. Freddie E. Williams II, known for his art on numerous DC comics, has a few freebies on his website including his own perspective path. Plus, from his site, you can find the YouTube video where he explains how best to implement the perspective path he provides.

    I abuse the crap out of his perspective path, I recommend checking it out. I also highly recommend his book The DC Comics Guide to Digitally Drawing Comics. A little light on the creative side of artwork, be covers the full digital workflow for doing pencils and inks digitally, plus covers hybrid workflows for people that combine real life pencils and inks with a digital workflow.

  2. Thanks! I actually have his book and based a number of tutorials on the stuff I learned from him. Very inspirational stuff.

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