DOWNLOAD: Fonts for Comic Book Lettering

Today’s download features some free comic book fonts you can use for lettering purposes. Be sure to try out a wide variety of the comic book fonts listed here (please, don’t use Comic Sans, for the love of humanity!) and see which one works the best with your particular style. Once you’ve completed drawing your digital comics, you’ll need to move on to lettering to enhance your artwork – make sure you choose ones that are effective and add to the mood. Try them out!

Comic Book Font from dafont

Agent Orange from PizzaDude

Augie from Emerald City Fontworks

Comic Book Commando by Dan Zadorozny

PP Handwriting at FontCo

Komika Poster from Apostrophic Labs

Laffayette Comic Pro by Jaws Laffayette

Damn Noisy Kids from BlamBot!

Yard Sale from Harold’s Fonts

There’s a small sampling of comic book fonts from around the web. Be sure to check out sites like Blambot, dafont and FontCo for their comic book styled fonts in their archives. You could even consider creating your own fonts based on your handwriting using font creation software!

For a brief tutorial on applying comic book lettering dynamically in your digital comics, check out this previous post!

2 thoughts on “DOWNLOAD: Fonts for Comic Book Lettering

  1. Most of the fonts can’t be downloaded, there seems to be an error, which is a pity because they’re all lovely!!

  2. :( Only the one font seems to be able to be downloaded. I don’t know if you changed that only the “Comic Book” font to be downloaded but that’s the only one I can get. I’d really like the other ones to be available too but if you don’t want that I understand. Though if that is the case can you take them out of the “download” section since they can’t be downloaded. Thank you very much ^_^

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