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Hi folks, just a short post today featuring a series of links to some free Photoshop brushes for inking and drawing purposes. Check out some of these great textures and styles, and try them in your latest works. The best part is, they’re all free!

14 High-Res Photoshop Brushes (Chris Spooner)

SpoonGraphics Brushes


Chris Spooner over at Spoon Graphics has created this set of 14 Photoshop brushes. The detail and texture on all of these brushes are amazing, so make sure you have them in your arsenal!

Abstract Lines Vol. 1 (Sebastiano Guerrero)

Sebastiano Guerrero Brushes


Sebastiano Guerrero has created this set of abstract lines in high res. Add interesting line effects to your work (perfect for light trails, energy, etc).

Real Smoke (Denny Tang)

real smoke by denny tang


Denny Tang from Photoshop Tutorials has created this amazing set of smoke brushes. Now you can easily create realistic looking smoke trails with these high-res Photoshop brushes.

Smudge Brushes (Antivuskning)


Antivuskning has created a cool looking series of smudge brushes which will add nicely muted edges to your painted areas. Features 15 Photoshop brushes in the set.

Big Brush Collection (Eugen Philippi)


The doodle-lee-doo Big Brush collection features a set of various textures (grass, dotted lines, fish!) to create some stunning and creative shapes.

Try out all of these custom Photoshop brushes and enhance your coloring/inking styles with some texture and shape. Not everything has to be a straight or curved line of the same weight. Use your imagination!

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