Artist Spotlight: 10 Comics Blogs to Watch in 2010

As a followup to my webcomics roundup for 2010, here is a list of comics bloggers that you should definitely follow this year. Some of these blogs contain valuable insights and commentary, some provide you with the latest and greatest in the world of comics, and others offer you straight up eye-candy and popular webcomic magic of their own.

Take a look and get acquainted with these blogs! They’ll definitely leave you inspired…

Comic Book Revolution

This blog, run by Rokk and his rowdy band of revolutionaries, give their scathing and sincere opinions about the latest titles all the major publishers have to offer each month. With articles and reviews by regulars – Joel, Austin, Shawn, Kevin, Andrenn, Jim and Matt, Rokk’s CBR blog is chock full of content and will give you plenty of information in advance, when it comes time to plunking down your hard earned cash for the latest titles.

Has Boobs, Reads Comics

This blog is run by the self proclaimed ‘nerdy bird,’ Jill Pantozzi. Don’t let the title fool you – her blog is a vast archive of all things geek chic in comics. If it has to do with femme fatales kicking ass, warrior women, vampire slayers and the odd Star Trek reference, you can bet that Jill’s going to have something to say about it. She is a loud voice among female comic bloggers in a world long dominated by males, and its a wonderful sound.

The Quarter Bin

Named after the bargain comics you find at your local shop, Luke and Sarah over at The Quarter Bin have established themselves as anything but discount content. These bloggers have been providing readers with all sorts of comics related news, and with daily updates you can see why it has quickly become a fan favorite amongst readers looking for the latest scoops on their favorite titles. There’s a whole section dedicated to previews and reviews. I suggest you check it out!

I Love Rob Liefeld

Seriously? Rob Liefeld lovers? You bet – and apparently there’s a lot of them. Love him or hate him, he’s got a following, and this blog, run by Sandy is a testament to Liefeld, his creations and his legacy. It may be painful for a number of you readers to accept, but Sandy has done a fine job of proving that his popularity and his imagination in the 90s helped cultivate a different kind of thought process for comic book artists. Check out the blog, even if you’re not a fan – I guarantee you’ll be enlightened and see another side of the story…

The 4th Letter

A super-sized blog with commentary from Gavin Jasper, Esther Inglis-Arkell and David Brothers, 4th Letter provides the reader with straight up-take it or leave it type reviews, comical discussions within their podcasts, and sarcasm laden essays on characters, storylines and titles. Its witty, its intelligent, and its addictive. The blog updates frequently, and you’ll definitely find yourself anticipating the next posting by any one of the fearsome threesome on any given day.

The Comics Reporter

Tom Spurgeon’s site features a blog with various daily news offerings regarding the world of comics. He also has a variety of articles on publishing, the comics business, getting started with comics, and other resources for you to browse through. In addition to these resources, Tom carries out a number of interviews with some big names in the business, as well as giving his own reviews and commentaries on comics and the state of comics today. The Comic Reporter is a must-read blog for 2010.

The Comic Treadmill

For a running discussion on comics, with heavy handed opinions from writers such as H and Mag, the Comic Treadmill is definitely the place to be. Spurred on by reader input, the Treadmill started off as an indexing project – and now it has turned into a full time commentary blog, with reviews, debates and discussion on titles from past and present.  Check out their archives – you’ll be glad that you did!

Yet Another Comics Blog

YACB is run by Dave Carter – where he carefully reviews a number of comics each month, and rates them on a scale of 1 to 5. In addition to his reviews, Dave also provides monthly stats on comics and graphic novels from a number of sources. Although he blogs on a wide variety of topics that are tangentially related, his main focus on YACB is definitely comics. He features an impressive list of Comics Blogs links, in addition to a large archive filled with reviews, commentaries and goodies he’s given away.

Redhead Fangirl

More and more females have taken to the web to profess their love for all things comics related, but Redhead Fangirl has been online since 2005, blogging about all things comics – hitting the convention circuit and blogging about her latest finds. Her insights and recommendations are highly regarded – check out her blog and pick up some new material. She is a librarian after all, so she knows her stuff!

The Comics Journal

TCJ is a magazine style blog filled with the latest news from the comics world, interviews with key players in the industry, and regular reviews and commentary on comics. The Comics Journal has strongly viewed comics as an art form, and has taken this objective approach to its stories and commentary, developing a large following who are more interested in intellectual discussion and analysis rather than being hypnotized by colour and shapes. If you’re interested in reading more of an editorial take on comics and looking beyond the conventional news and reviews, immerse yourself in the archives of The Comics Journal and see a different side of sequential art.

There you have it, comics fans. 10 of the most interesting blogs to follow over the course of 2010. Honorable mention goes out to Nate Simpson at Project Waldo and Jason Brubaker over at reMIND, who I talked about last week in this post.

There are so many more that could be added to this list, but we’d never have enough time to post them all! Who are your favorite comics bloggers? Share your interesting finds with me, and I’ll have a look at them and possibly append them to this list!

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