Digital Landscape Tutorials

If you can draw figures and forms easily, the next step in creating a complete composition is to draw/paint an engaging, interesting and believable background for your subject(s). One of the most common ways to do this is through the use of a landscape. We’ve gathered a few tutorials together on how to create stunning landscapes with beautiful colours, details, dramatic lighting and depth. You can apply these techniques to your process to enhance your landscape work and increase the visual interest and quality of your work.

Depth by colour – Ground Rocks

Mahesh Bhat over at KalaaLog has a variety of interesting tutorials on digital painting techniques. Here is a tutorial on creating a simple landscape with rock formations – there are some basic color theory tips and light/shadow techniques as well.

Painting a Landscape

Alain Descamps beautiful concept renderings have earned him some huge accolades in the Digital Art world. This tutorial is a simple landscape that can be rendered with such precision and ease. The results are astonishingly realistic. His portfolio can be found at If you can read French, check out his tutorials (tutoriaux) section for some excellent methods on creating visually stunning landscapes and backgrounds.

Desirable Thirst

Niklas Forsberg has created a painterly waterscape with rich vibrant colors and thick brushstrokes. He has produced a step-by-step walkthrough on his method. This tutorial also includes some efficient workflow techniques (shortcuts, controls) to help you speed up your own work.


And there you have it – a number of tutorials on creating interesting landscape/backgrounds which should help you maximize your compositions. Try a few of them out and then develop your own techniques in your own style!

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