6 Digital Painting Tutorials

We’ve focused on some drawing techniques and tutorials – now we’re going to have a look at some digital painting tutorials so you can simulate the feeling of live painting with your tablet. Here’s some online & video tutorials that show you different methods used to achieve some wonderful looking works of art.

Painting a Monster Cutie

Jami Noguchi of Angry Zen Master and Monster Cutie fame delivers a video tutorial on the process involved in creating a fat little monster (but he’s so cute!)

Jim Zubkavich’s Pin-Up Tutorial


Jim Zubkavich goes through a step-by-step process from loose line art to a finished digitally painted piece.

The Red Assassin


Here’s another tutorial on how to draw a lovely Asian assassin – from rodnymella.com courtesy of Pixel2Life.

How to Paint a Portrait From Reference


Here’s a handy potrait painting tutorial from TutorialQuest.com. Pay close attention to the tips given, as they are key fundamental things you should know when venturing out into the world of portraiture (Digital or other media).

Digital Landscape Painting Tutorial


Alain DesCamps explains the process involved in creating a landscape using a digital painting method. Courtesy of CGArena.com.

Illustration Workflow using Sketchbook Pro


A majority of tutorials on the ‘net are usually focused on the Adobe suite of products (Photoshop and Illustrator mainly) so here is a lovely walkthrough of Nick Harris’ process for creating a digital painting of a Steampunk Watch-mender Mender (Once you see the image, you’ll know what I’m talking about) using Autodesk’s Sketchbook Pro software.

In a later post, I’ll be showcasing a number of speed-painting videos so you can marvel at the artistry of some of the best digital artists out there. Perhaps you could learn a few new techniques on how to layer and build your digital artworks!

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