39 Time Lapse Drawing and Painting Videos

It’s great to see the results of hours worth of painting/drawing work – the final rendered piece often draws a lot of praise and in a lot of cases, serves as inspiration for other artists to go off and do something similar. But what is equally as interesting as the finished piece is the method and workflow artists use to achieve these results.

We know artists don’t have the luxury of sitting for hours at a time while the artists makes their forms come to life – but with the help of time-lapse video, you can get the feeling of the artists method in a shorter period of time. With these video clips, you can see a blank canvas appear magically when these time-lapsed hours turn into minutes.

Absolutely incredible work – we hope some of these inspired you. I know I’m tempted to try some of this myself – I’ve always thought about it, but after seeing all this great work, I know I should do a few of these while I work on my comic book!

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