5 Color Theory Tutorials

We live in a world of beautiful, vibrant color. As artists, we try to replicate what we see and feel using color – but in order to do so effectively, you must understand the science behind it. I’ve put together a list with a number of techniques and lessons that will help you better understand color theory.

Color Theory Basics
Here is a starter tutorial on Color Theory from a contributor over at Amateur Illustrator.

Color Matters
Jill Morton at Color Matters discusses the concepts of color.

Introduction to Color Theory + Exercises
Laurie Garo provides a technical lesson and exercises based on color theory. (University lesson)

Electronic Colors, Models, Mixing and Application
Starting with the basics of electronic color, this information site offers comprehensive coverage of color theory, the history and science behind it and its applications.

Worqx.com Resources
Worqx.com has a large resource of information on color, theory, practices and applications. There is enough information here to guide you further along in your use of color after you’ve understood the basics. I’ve used the information from Worqx time and time again. Make sure you bookmark this site for sure!


And there you go – learn from these resources and enjoy your new-found knowledge of color as you apply it to your next projects!

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