Drawing Tutorials: 6 Vector/Vexel Tutorials

We’ve gathered another set of wonderful drawing tutorials from around the ‘net. Each one focuses on a particular aspect of drawing and style. Check them out!

1. Digital Art Tutorial by Chelsea Brown (spiritwolf77)

This is a good tutorial on understanding the scope of the complete process from a pencil sketch to a finished digital rendering.

2. Drawing Vehicles


Adroit Designs Illustrator Tutorial

Don Benni Photoshop Tutorial

Here are two different tutorials (one for Illustrator, one for Photoshop) that achieve the same end result – an awesome rendering for a sports car.

3. Drawing Koi Fish – PinkZAP


A quick and easy tutorial on how to draw Japanese Koi fish – a traditional symbol of good luck.

4. Holiday Pin-Up Illustration – GoMediaZine


Even though the holidays are over, you can adapt the process shown in this sexy holiday pin-up tutorial to create an interesting composition of your own.

5. Draw a Self-Portrait – Sean Hodge

Learn how to transform a photo of yourself into a digital drawing using Illustrator.

5. Vector Bird – Loon Design

Here’s a simple tutorial showing you how to go from doodle to digital in 10 steps!

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