6 Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

Here are SIX interesting Illustrator tutorials ranging from beginner to complex that we’ve corralled from around the internet – try them out!

1. Realistic Glass Orb


Learn how to use Illustrator to create this realistic glass orb.
In this tutorial you will learn how to use opacity masks
to make clear gradients. (from voidix)

2. From Sketch to Vector Illustration


Learn how to take a pencil drawing to a polished, finished
digital illustration using Adobe Illustrator. (from gomediazine)

3. Create a Stylish Sports Car Dashboard

In this tutorial, the advanced Adobe Illustrator artist
will learn how to make a realistic sports car dashboard.
(from VectorTuts)

4. Introduction to Gradient Mesh

This introduction will take you through the basics
of gradient mesh design.(from BioRUST)

5. Creating Seamless Backgrounds in Illustrator


Veerle Pieters, one of the most sought after digital illustrators
offers an explanation on how she creates patterns and how to modify them
through scaling options (from Veerle’s Blog)

6. Tracing a Photo

Full detailed tutorial on how to trace people from photographs.
Learn how to create realistic illustration using simple gradient fill.
(from n.design studio)

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